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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

St. Patrick, I salute you.

Whew!! This really has been a busy month. We haven't gotten much done on the dress, but a lot of other stuff has happened! I had exams for the spring semester, decided to change jobs, had my birthday (Charlie got me the best bike EVER and threw me a surprise party!), we celebrated Teddy's first birthday, and now started back to school for my last semester. But as of yesterday some exciting things have happened on operation "spin some gold".

A few months ago Charlie and I went to New Orleans to visit my favorite Cajun, Jennie Boudloche. Jennie's from Houma, which is "down on da buuyyy-a" as they say.We had so much with all of her friends from home that took us to the St. Patty's day parade--these people definitely know how to have a good time. I made tutus for Jennie and me to wear, and a hat for Charlie. I can't find a picture of Jennie in her tutu.. Our looks were completed with shamrock tattoos, mine on my face and Charlie and Jennie's on their respective "guns". I also added a little Irish barbed wire. It was a blast!

And, yes, there is a point to this long prelude. Mom and I were brainstorming how we should make a petticoat to make the skirt of my dress stick out more and I had a brilliant idea! We used my St. Patty's tutu to see how it worked, and it did very well! So St Patty, we salute you!

Also yesterday the lace came in the mail!!! It's AMAZING!! This is what one month's pay from Francesca's looks like in lace.....

While I do reeeeally love the lace, the fact that this is worth an entire month's pay may be one of the reasons Franny and I didn't work out. Hopefully I'll make a decision on the silk soon so we can really get started!!

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