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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Silk Day

The day has come. I ordered silk today!! I'm so excited, but of course there is that little voice saying "What if it's all wrong and you have 10 yards of silk?!" It's always scary spending a chunk of money on something you can't see or touch at the moment. And as we know I'm an instant-gratification type of girl, so the next two weeks of waiting are sure to be full of nail-biting and hair-pulling. But since I'm already going grey (Thanks, Sandy!) I'll be sure to pull out the pesky white hairs only!

I ordered several samples and compared weights, and colors, and stiffness and let it marinate for about a month and a half. I was kind of worried about getting the most expensive option, at $25/yd, and thought maybe I should go with the $15/yd option. Then I realized that putting "cheaper" anything next to my sassy lace would be like wearing acid-wash jorts with a pair of $700 Christian Luboutins. It just isn't done. And the last thing I have time for is being smited by the fashion gods. I went with the Oyster color because the Ivory and Cream samples were a little to wheat colored.

Excuse my wrinkles, but I mean am I right??

Don't you love the Oyster?!

I HATED the cheaper samples. The "Ivory" is straight up white if you ask me and as Mandy Bagwell would say, "I just can't work with that!"  The "Blush" immediately forced me to say allowed in my best Southern drawl, "My collas are blush and bashful." "Your collas are pank and pank!"  (It's from Steel Magnolias. And if you aren't aware of this you should be ashamed of yourself.) And the "Cream" would be gorgeous on Naomi Campell, but on this ScIrish lady? Not so much.
Told ya.

Also, I ordered my shoes!! I really wanted to do some cranberry shoes, but Sandy was VERY against the notion, and I just couldn't stop thinking about these. They're made by Pour La Victoire and have blue soles for my "something blue"! I love love love them! The crystals have a tendency to catch on the lace, but tough cookies. Sacrifices must be made.

Now I'll give you a small taste of the sample in its almost-complete condition. These pictures are from my phone and not the best quality. I know I said I wasn't going to do this but I'm too excited!! I can't help myself.

It's missing lace scallops on the neckline and hem but other than that it's perfect.

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