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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Mom and I have been working hard during every spare moment we have. Mostly we've been perfecting patterns, and it wasn't too bad until yesterday when I decided to change the lace overlay of the bodice completely. The pattern we bought has a gathered bodice (assuming organza will be used) and with lace it would probably make me look like I belong on a football field. Since I don't know squat about football I don't see that working out very well. Because I'm so short, I had to take 3 inches out of the length of every panel, and a whopping 6 inches out of the back--which means I had to add 6 inches to the lace overlay of the back. Then there was a big dilemma about whether to have no darts, bust darts only, bust and shoulder darts, or princess seams on the lace bodice.It took me a couple hours to get the bodice right, but I think I'm getting close. We "finished" the patterns yesterday and started cutting out the sample now.

As I was cutting the sample fabric (and getting very excited) yesterday I realized I probably need to interface (interfacing is a stiff material meant to go between the "fashion" or outer fabric and the inner lining) the entire dress so it lays right. If I were going to get married on the beach I would probably opt not to, but in January in a Gothic-style church I think I should. Any advice? I'm going to buy some today and try it with the sample. Then the next question is woven or non-woven interfacing.... I guess I'll go with what's cheaper for the sample. But any advice is welcome!! Ilaine??

Here are some pictures of our progress. The muslin looks like a hot mess, I know. But I just made all of the pattern changes I made right on the muslin so none of those seams will be there next time. Also, I apologize for looking like I just woke up.

Round 1 of the muslin

ummm..... working on the bodice

Final bodice patterns (hopefully)

Final Patterns

Final Patterns

Muslin round 2

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Cutting sample silk

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