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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is kind of the idea..

As far as the inspiration for my dress, I’m thinking of channeling an Old- Hollywood actress with a curvy fit-and-flare style gown. I found some stunning alcenon lace online that I want to order and back with ivory silk shantung. I interned for Ilaine Hartman, a Mardi Gras costume designer, in New Orleans a couple of years ago and am extremely inspired by the beautiful lace gowns she makes. We found a couple of patterns online that fit the idea I’m going for. We're in the process of adapting them because pattern-making is not the most exciting thing in the world. I want the lace to be a v-neck and the silk to have a sweetheart line beneath the lace. I found a pattern among all of the old patterns of my grandmothers that I inherited and used it to draft a bodice for my dress, which was neat and totally confusing because there isn’t any printing on the pattern, only punched holes. We’re in the process right now of fitting a muslin sample of the gown to move forward with the lace sample. I'm excited already with what we've been able to do! Here are some pictures...

My design

One of the patterns we used.

Good old Grandma Rusty's pattern.

Thanks, Sandy!!

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