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Monday, April 11, 2011

Practice Makes Impatience

Once in elementary school my piano teacher, Mrs. Baldwin, sent a note home that said, "Caroline talks too much in class." Mom sent one back that said, "You don't have to live with her." Thanks, Sandy. Obviously I have always had issues with being patient, as in it's kind of a foreign concept. I love surprises but I HATE waiting for them--it's the worst!! Even though making my dress doesn't mean the final thing is going to be a surprise I'm not enjoying all of the prep work that involves a whole lot of one of my less-than-stellar attributes: impatience. This experience is more like cooking for me. I love cooking things that are healthy with fresh ingredients (right down to thieving fresh herbs from Sandy's herb garden) but I HATE the prep work. So a lot of times I will find a recipe I like and if there's too much prep I'll google the dish and find a simpler method. Even on Adderall (I'm ADHD?! Yes. Shocking, I know.) I just don't want to wait.

When I start making a garment you can usually estimate a couple of hours before I start getting frustrated that it's not done already. I want to try it on. NOW. That is, unless I'm making something for someone else. Then I want the whole thing to be just right and I become slightly neurotic about the idea that it has to be perfect. So when Mom and I first made the decision to make the dress, and I mentioned that the lace I wanted to use runs $120/yd, we knew immediately that we should make a sample. I always hated that the samples I made in college were usually made out of crazy fabric remnants and wound up looking like a clown from Cirque du Soliel that most people would never wear. Except now that I think about it, I probably have a few friends like Adley Dameron that would have worn them. Anyway, I wanted us to make a nice-looking sample that we can donate to a bride that can't afford a dress because every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day. Plus, if we're going to the trouble of making a sample there's no reason someone shouldn't get some use out of it. We bought less-expensive fabric, began cutting last weekend, and I am thrilled to say my thirst for something tangible that I can at least pretend to try on has been quenched.

Of course, there's no way I could stick with one design--I probably got distracted by the sheen of the cream shantung fabric. I changed the design of the back of the lace bodice and decided to drape the new back to get exactly what I want, and because I'm about to punch a kitten if I have to do one more flat pattern draft. (**Disclaimer**Dear PETA and cat-lovers everywhere: I will not actually punch a kitten. Don't throw red paint on me.)  We finished cutting everything including the lining and interfacing and fused the interfacing to the sample silk this weekend so we're ready to start sewing!! And I was able to hold some of the pattern pieces up to me and feel like we accomplished something real. Then, today I put most of the pieces on my mannequin so she could "try them on", too. Her name is Charlene, like from Designing Women, and she loves the dress.

Thanks, Dr. Connell! All those college classes are coming in handy. 

See what I mean? This is just silly.

But boy, do I feel better!!

Bear with me. It doesn't exactly fit this lovely lady.

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